Ask and you shall receive

April 22, 2008

What intrigues me the most about this campaign is the fundraising on the web.  As an Obama supporter, I receive his email updates and requests for further donations.  The funny thing is that the notes about donating more are always attached to some sort of event.

  • We lost, donate!
  • We won, donate!
  • Hillary went negative (again), donate!
  • We’ve raised record amounts of money, donate!

So I think Hillary has gotten in on the game, except she’s less transparent about it.  She donated her campaign some money, release rumors about her staff working for free and –poof!– the money pours in.  Why not just say outright, “hey I’m freaking broke, please donate”.  

I confess to having donated half a dozen times to Obama’s campaign.  Maybe you should too: Obama for America.


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