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April 23, 2008

I’ve talked about the power of strong drinks before.  This time I want to say how one happy hour and some margaritas helped me gain a greater appreciation for my classmates.

I never disliked anyone.  [Actually, that’s a lie.]  Anyway, I just didn’t feel any connections.  We all just hid behind our laptops (I gave up lugging my work laptop after the second week) and never really got to know each other.  There were a few “Oh I read your blog, it’s [insert superlative here]” and some “Did you manage to finish the book?”  Nothing serious.

Some warm weather and some (not so strong) margaritas changed my perceptions and I’m happy for it.  The MPS students are smart AND fun to be around.  

  • A is getting married to a hottie
  • J’s (also engaged) brutally honesty is f*ing hilarious 
  • G and I are practically neighbors (and soon to be hanging partners)
  • R swims on her back and will be offering me some emotional support during the next few months
  • D will talk to anyone (and I do mean anyone!) and has an infectious vibe

I really look forward to our next social gathering and taking more classes with these peeps.



  1. So true. I’m so glad I got to actually MEET more of our classmates at the social — including you! 🙂

  2. Warm weather Sheriece. Warm ‘weather’.

  3. Yes – compared to last semester, I feel like I know everyone so much better. You might have even convinced me to start running! 🙂

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