The First Campaign

April 23, 2008

GG writes in his book The First Campaign about what he calls Issue #2: Educating and recruiting twenty-first-century workers.  In that chapter he identifies India’s national institutes of technology as “a shining example of an incorruptible national institution.” (page 175)

That got me to thinking: Does the United States have a shining example of an incorruptible (or uncorrupted) institution?




Giving up.

His final point in that chapter reminds me of what Barack Obama said about small town folks.  BO may have mangled his words a bit but his message was clear to me.  Sometimes people are not open to change.  GG writes:

“While tolerance for immigrants, racial minorities, and gays doesn’t seem like it should foster innovation itself, it actually proves to be a great proxy for innovation.  Communities that are tolerant and diverse almost inevitably end up doing well in the new economy.” [page 185]

Sounds like there’s beginning to be some consequences for clinging to your ignorance.

I can’t wait to get my book autographed.  Note to Professor: Your book is being mooched.


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